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Henry James Saloon, Friendly Neighborhood Philly Bar
Henry James Saloon Testimonials
At the Henry James Saloon: Try the Signature Sandwich
By Gregory Gethard at 10:54 am on Saturday September 26, 2009

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods. And every neighborhood needs a good bar. And every good bar needs something to stand out from the pack.

The Henry James Saloon is one of those bars. Tucked away on a side street in Roxborough, the Henry James Saloon first appears to be nothing more than your average dive bar. And, initially, the inside also looks like the same way; a Phillies game is on the TV while locals discuss Roman Catholic High School football games from a few decades before.

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The Henry James is the place to go in Roxborough/Manayunk. It's a must stop for me anytime I'm in the area and a great place to hang out after Philadelphia University basketball action!

Matt Leon
KYW sports anchor

The Henry James Saloon is one of Philadelphia's most hidden treasures.

Dave and Linda Falcione and there dedicated staff go out of there way to make sure your experience is one you will never forget. The food is second to none and the service is number one!

If your looking for a place where you can relax, enjoy sports, and enjoy people. The Henry James Saloon is the place for you!

Brian Morris

The Henry James is without question the modern day version of "Cheers". Yes, the food is great and the spirits are plentiful, but what sets the place apart is the atmosphere and the service. It is a fun place to catch a game or a bite while exchanging views with folks from the neighborhood.

Dave Falcione is an owner with pride and a clear understanding of how to run a successful business. It is a staff that works hard to please the customer and remember its Roxborough roots.

I strongly encourage you to visit the Henry James, located up the street from the home of the Rams, Philadelphia University.

Tom Shirley
Director of Athletics
Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Philadelphia University

Henry James Saloon has great food, great drinks and a great crowd of friendly people. Try the chicken cheese steaks, what a treat. Wash it down with a Beamish, it's better than Guiness.

Joe Flaherty

The long hot peppers are great on every sandwich and the popcorn is also a favorite at the Henry James. What a fun spot!

Al Angelos
Former head coach of P.W. basketball
(state champions)

"The Henry James Saloon provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all who come to enjoy the food, drink, or conversation. Sports is the number one topic here.

The staff always remembers your favorite drink and the daily specials are a can't miss. So their slogan says, "Eat, Drink and don't Hurry" unless of course there are others waiting to share in the Henry James Saloon family experience."

Norman Moran
2X Henry James Saloon Customer of the Month recipient

The Henry James is a special place. They have a great staff and I know of no better people then Linda and Dave Falcione. They have succeeded in creating a warm, friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy the company of friends and family and a great meal. Stop in once and your sure to come back.

Patrick Smith
Philadelphia Fire Department
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